Vans go shoe gazey

Customized_vansThe long tail promises endless multiplications in the world of goods.  My favorite: this custom pair of Vans now selling on line for $348.00.

These appear to offer a map of the wharves and north end of downtown Boston. Just the thing for absent minded bloggers trying to find their way home.  “Ok, so I must be somewhere around my little toe, and if I go right here…”

The well dressed blogger will want to commission a pair for every perabulation he  intends to take in every city he intends to visit.  (Excellent for cheating in Geography class, as well.)  Now that’s multiplication.

References and Acknowledgments

A tip of the hat to Core77, to the Barcelona-based customizing firm of Espaipupu  (ok, so it’s not Boston),  and Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail.

8 thoughts on “Vans go shoe gazey

  1. Grant

    eerie! I was just looking at their site today and wondering why I haven’t heard of it before. It looks like its mostly t-shirts and bad music at this point, but they appear to have a vast audience. and their markup system seems pretty reasonable for what they do. Thanks, Grant

  2. Steve Portigal

    Cafe Press goes way back to the early days of the dotcom boom. I mean, they probably came after PointCast, but maybe they were around the time of eVite.

    Of course I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Is there a good dot-com timeline floating around the web anywhere?

  3. Grant

    Steve, their “about” section has a time line, and yes, they were in on things early. Which makes me wonder how I could have missed this completely. Oh, well. Thanks, Grant

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