Rainbow warriors

Rainbow Pam and I are here in the Pacific Northwest, chasing rainbows. We have a van outfitted with all the latest gear. 

Traveling with us is a small team of dedicated meteorologists, all of them hardened by years of doing the weather on TV. 

Pam is playing the role of Dr. Jo Harding.  I am playing the part of Bill Harding.  It is nice to have literary inspiration when the going gets tough.   

It is, as I am sure you know, incredibly dangerous, but, as you can see, the rewards are spectacular.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow warriors

  1. James

    Hey, if you make it as far as Vangroovy, and you’re needing a recommendation on a fine place to dip into for a drink, do let me know. I’ve been reading the blog for ages and would like to reply to your sharing with some of my own.

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