Interesting2008 NYC

Interesting2008nyc I wanted to remind you that Interesting2008 is meeting in New York City on Saturday. 

This is the Wordle that Rick Liebling created for the event. 

I am talking about how you, dear reader, have Asperger’s syndrome.  I really feel you should be there. 

It’s only $35, pretty good value for an anthropological consult and diagnosis.  We will repair to the Black Door about 6:00 where self medication will begin immediately. 

For details on time and place, go here.

5 thoughts on “Interesting2008 NYC

  1. Bud Melman

    Mr. McCracken,

    Thank you so much for your question during my interview. Maybe I should reread the Stranger.

    I’ve been a big fan of your work for a long time (well, as soon as I was able to communicate with the future, and so on) and your talk hit pretty close to home.

    Hope we can meet again soon.

  2. David Ogilvy


    It was good seeing you in New York this weekend. Enjoyed your presentation as well. On an advertising note, I just saw the second installment of the Microsoft Gates/Seinfeld campaign. The humour becomes even more absurd, and well done. While I wasn’t initially a fan of using humour in advertising, the work of people like Bill Bernbach helped to change my mind. But these Microsoft ads do have me concerned. I find them funny, but not sure how successful they are in selling the product.

  3. Grant McCracken

    Dear Bud, It was great to meet you. And thanks for fielding my existentialism question so artfully. I figured if anyone could I would be you. Looking forward to hearing more of your work. I think we would all like to see some of the creative materials pouring through the mail room, improved and illuminated by thoughtful marginalia. Best, Grant

    David, When the brand in question is a humorless behemoth, surely funny is effective, and, as I was arguing below, this funny is really effective. Thanks for reading. I am honored. Best, Grant

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