Miracle on Highland: the return of 40 lost posts

A couple of days ago, I was bumping along on line.  I am very like a Manatee.  Not so much navigating as going from plant to plant.

My chief thought: I sure hope I don’t get slashed by a passing motor boat.  Really.

And what should I discover?  Forty lost posts, just floating there.  These were posts lost in the great Network Solutions debacle and presumed lost forever.  

I am no useful detective in these matters but it looks like a French outfit called FeedShow reproduced the posts.   

I will never speak ill of the French again.  Especially some guy called Thierry at Feedshow, to whom I am very, very grateful.  

What remains lost are the many comments on these posts.  And for this we may thank those scoundrels at Network Solutions.  


Dec. 21  Christmas gift-giving
Dec. 22  Social Media, once wild, now tame
Dec. 24  Art of the trench coat
Dec. 29  That mythic beer guy
Dec. 29  7-Eleven, where brands go to die
Dec. 31  Creativity’s brief moment in the sun


Jan. 6    Bud Caddell interview
Jan. 7    The Fiesta Movement by Ford, Undercurrent and Bud Caddell
Jan. 8    Local Motors
Jan. 11  Tuesday if you’re in Toronto (not reposted)
Jan. 12  You say content, I say composition
Jan. 13  Real time transformation
Jan. 14  Chief Culture Officer watch: the troubling case of Jeffrey Zucker
Jan. 15  So you’re a CCO – what would you do?
Jan. 18  Girls at Yale in the 1960s
Jan. 20  Anthropologist goes all roller derby
Jan. 22  Mind reading [not reposted]
Jan. 22  Eyelashes in the field
Jan. 26  Zappos and the idea of forced fun
Jan. 28  Meaning manufacture, old and new
Jan. 29  By their lettuce, we shall know them


Feb. 1   Buy this product: we have writers standing by
Feb. 2   Tumi and the case of the talking suitcase
Feb. 4   Recycling: Adding value by adding meaning
Feb. 5   The secret script at USA Networks (aka the unmeshed male)
Feb. 8   CCO bootcamp (not reposted)
Feb. 9   Herskovits: the Elvis of African-American studies
Feb. 9   Bootcamp (not reposted)
Feb. 11 The John-Boy Problem (recovered months ago and reposted with an Oct. 13 date)
Feb. 11 Boot camp Saturday (not reposted)
Feb. 23 Bootcamp and a week of ethnographic interviews
Feb. 23 Oh Canada (not reposted)
Feb. 26 Rusting Buicks and the destruction of wealth

Mar. 1   Edinburgh notes
Mar. 4   Truth, Beauty and D’oh!
Mar. 8   T-mobile behaving badly (not reposted)
Mar. 11 Simultaneity versus seriality (what to do now we have no attention span)
Mar. 18 Lara Lee (what a Chief Culture Officer looks like)
Mar. 20 Trend watch: from Woody Allen to Monk
Mar. 23 Jeff Bewkes and the end of influence
Mar. 23 Chief Culture Officer goes Portuguese
Mar. 25 Nooyi, Arnel and the brand debacle at Pepsi (not reposted)
Mar. 25 DNA, String theory, and what might have been
Mar. 30 Mystery of capitalism

Apr. 2   Blank looks for a new comedy and culture

3 thoughts on “Miracle on Highland: the return of 40 lost posts

    1. Grant Post author

      Ana, it’s really odd. This cache of posts represents virtually all the posts that were missing. A very welcome coincidence. If that’s what it is. (And if it isn’t what in the dickens is it and why this like this?)

  1. Peter Jones

    Hello Grant
    Sorry to hear of your problems which prompts me to take stock on backup and such like. I’ve been putting off changing my blog template not wanting to break things, though your difficulties have been far more pronounced and clearly beyond your direct control.
    Noting your blog’s focus and mention of ‘intersections’ the conceptual framework known as “Hodges Health Career – Care Domains – Model” may be of interest?


    There are many intersections represented here across the model’s four care or knowledge domains:


    The blog includes a bibliography and many posts that indicate the potential scope of the model.

    Peace and all the best for 2011 and beyond…

    Peter Jones
    Lancashire, UK
    twitter h2cm

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