Minerva essay contest: brief case, messenger bag, compare and contrast

I was in the Tumi store in Grand Central over the holidays and I was impressed to see their once staid briefcases were beginning to show the influence of the messenger bag.

If Jules Prown (and the worlds of material culture and art history) are right to say that some objects reflect changes taking place in a culture, what are we to make of this?

You have 1000 words and a month to complete the assignment. 

I have 9 minutes to get this post up before midnight, so no panel of judges yet.

For more on the Minerva, please see the page marked "Minerva" next to "contact." Eyes right and above.  For a little data on the relative position of briefcases (in blue) and messenger bags (in red), see this graph from Google trends. 

Post script

Thanks to the many people who commented on the Pomplamoose – Hyundai campaign.