Multiple selves and alternate realities: from Goldman Sachs to Earth 2

The new film, Another Earth, is about the sudden appearance of a new planet, floating in the heavens, not very far away (as pictured).

It is, apparently, a second earth that duplicates our own. They call it Earth 2.

“Who is your other you?” the film asks.

Once more popular culture, drawing from string theory, among other things, contemplates transformational options and multiple selves.

But it is not just popular culture that cares about the theme. It turns out the writer, star, and producer, Brit Marling, began her professional life as an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

So she knows a thing or two about multiple selves and alternate realities.

Of course, Marling’s earth 1 (investment banking) and her earth 2 (Hollywood) are not duplicates. Being a citizen in good standing in both of them takes an unusual person, real transformational range, and a daunting act of reinvention.

It’s kind of wonderful that after Marling made the transition she wrote this filmic Valentine to alternate realities and the process of moving between them.


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1 thought on “Multiple selves and alternate realities: from Goldman Sachs to Earth 2

  1. Rob

    I saw the preview for this. I don’t know if the movie is any good or not, but the premise is scientifically absurd. Any earth-sized planet close enough to us to be that large in the sky would completely wreck the orbits of both planets and the moon. All higher-order life on both earths would be dead within a year or two.

    Orbital mechanics is serious stuff, not to be trifled with.

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