Culture Camps

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The most recent Culture Camp takes place June 7th in New York City at the New School. Please come join us. You can find full details here.

Grant teaches 3 culture camps:

1. Culture for senior managers

2. Culture for culture creatives

3. Ethnography bootcamp

1. Culture for Senior Managers

This is a day-long workshop that gives senior managers a new literacy in contemporary culture. We will look at the three pillars of popular culture: movies, music and TV. This is designed to make the manager more knowledgeable about culture as a source of opportunity and danger for the corporation. It is also designed to make the manager better at working with the CCO and other culture producers/observers in the organization. Email me if you are interested and I will let you know when I am teaching a course in your area.  Another way to stay posted is to come join us on the Ning site for Chief Culture Officer at or click here.

2. Culture for Culture Creatives

This is a day-long workshop designed to give people who are already well acquainted with contemporary culture a template for how they can use this knowledge to serve as a Chief Culture Officer in the corporation. We will work with case studies and discuss the tactics and strategy of people an organizations’ CCO. Email me if you are interested and I will let you know when I am teaching a course in your area.

3. Ethnography Bootcamp

This is a day-long work shop on how to do ethnography. We will cover the basics, the objectives, the strategies and the tactics of this increasingly popular method. I have taught a version of this course for: The Coca-Cola Company, the Campbell Soup Company, Merck pharmaceuticals and at M.I.T. Email me if you are interested and I will let you know when I am teaching a course in your area.

Praise for the Culture Camp


Tom Callard: I found it invaluable and have since discussed the issue of how we stay on top of culture as planners, and react to shifts we see, with my department.

Collyn Ahart: The CCO London Bootcamp was fantastic. Great for those who need a day of inspiration, and like the book, a hypodermic needle of insight. Both invaluable and game-changing.

Lee Sankey: Just a quick note to say thanks for a enlightening workshop on Friday at Dare London. Despite the need to accelerate covering topics in the afternoon session, which I suppose reflects the high level of engagement from the morning, you introduced me to several new big ideas and concepts throughout the session. Culture is so much more than just trend spotting and with many angles, levels and implications which I had previously not considered.

Roger Tredre: Just to thank you for an outstanding day. I first started reading your blog about six years back, I guess. I then ‘lapsed’ for some time, but now – like the prodigal son – I am back big time. I particularly like your enthusiasm for generalists, where I also place myself. Your brilliantly funny use of metaphor and simile also made the day great fun – if I have any complaint about May 28, it was that I wanted more of you and less of everyone else (how very uncharitable of me).

New York:

Steve Nasi: The Bootcamp was a marvelous day. Amazing to be in a room full of so many folks yearning to bring a deeper kind of cultural thinking to their brands, agencies, corporations, endeavors.  And the content was a brilliant mix of deep thinking and accessible content, slow and fast culture and more.  It was inspirational to say the least. My poor wife had to deal with me going on about it at length. Despite this, she’s gunning to go next time.

Heather LeFevre: I really enjoyed the CCO bootcamp this weekend – was totally worth the trip from Amsterdam.  better than the typical planner conference where the speaker takes an hour to recap their book – I really appreciated that you gave us information that was NOT in the book that I felt I can use in my work.

Gail Brooks: Thank you so much for bringing us the CCO boot camp! An invaluable use of my time.

Ottawa (for Canadian Civil Servants)

I recently attended a day-long ‘Ethno-Culture Boot Camp: Design Thinking’ event that you hosted in Ottawa for federal public servants. I found it incredibly interesting, and was very pleased to attend. I enjoyed your presentation style and how you took care to be attentive to individual participants, while also being mindful of time constraints and the larger group. This was my first introduction to ethnography, and readily saw its compatibility with my background in community engagement & urban planning. As ethnography feels so ‘cutting-edge’, and seems in some ways to still be in development as a discipline, I would have loved to hear more about how women and non-white people have – either formally or informally – contributed to this field. I could imagine that other ethnicities and women would have interesting elements to add to this field due to its interactive and listening approach to research. Thank you again for coming to Ottawa, and I really enjoyed your presentation style and your commitment to listen to participants. Sincerely, Ganjin Davies