Dark Value: my new book

Ember Library MediatorDark Value is my latest book, released just a couple of days ago, on Kindle Direct and available on Amazon here for just $2.99.

Dark value is value that’s hard to see and hard to monetize. It’s there in the world. It’s ours for the asking. But because it is invisible to us, it never gets fully “harvested.”

Airbnb and Uber create dark value. So do Fitbit and Facebook. All create features and benefits they didn’t intend and therefore don’t fully grasp.

I believe dark value is a chronic problem in the innovation and sharing economies. To observe one implication of the dark value argument: Airbnb, Uber and Netflix are charging too little.

We will show how to make dark value visible in three steps: 1. discover, 2. develop, and 3. declare. This book is a “how to.”

Ethnographers, designers, VCs, creatives, planners, PR professionals, marketers, story tellers, curators, programmers, content creators, and social media experts all have a part to play. For all of them, Dark value represents a new professional opportunity and a new revenue stream.


Lloyd Davis: I bought this, from Grant McCracken, for less than a cup of coffee and devoured it faster than the time it took to drink two grande cappuccinos. Head-pinging insights, highly recommended for anyone grappling with or groping towards realising value.