Grant talking about the work he did for Netflix.

“I’ve asked Grant McCracken to give two keynote addresses. Very few speakers get a second chance at the podium at my events, but Grant brings a uniquely insightful, engaged and brilliant perspective to where culture, media, advertising and the internet all slam into each other. He is also hugely charming and funny onstage. The best historians are storytellers, and Grant’s audiences return home with clear memories and new intellectual tools at their disposal.”

— Brad Berens
CMO Executive Summits Chief Content Officer & Editor at Large, iMed

“Lana and I wanted to thank you again for joining us at Kidscreen this year and leaving
such an impression on our delegates. I’m not sure if you noticed, but our attendees were lined up along the walls to hear you speak!
As the conference progressed, your keynote was still a topic of much conversation. So, not only was it memorable and informative, but it continued to engage people right to the very end. For that, we cannot thank you enough.”
— Caitlin and Lana

Select Speaking Engagements

  • Fragmenting the Culture. Session theme: Impact on Society & Lifestyles. Conference theme: Global Network Evolution. XVI World Tele-communications Congress. International Switching Symposium, Toronto.
  • Maybe it’s rocket science after all. American Gas Association Conference, Las Vegas.
  • The American Consumer Scene. The Marketing Forum, somewhere at sea, QE II.
  • What I learned at Harvard Business School. Canadian Wholesale Drug Association.
  • Bringing the brand up to speed: marketing in a dynamic marketplace. Trend Agenda. Minneapolis.
  • The New Diversity: what to do when consumers and markets splinter, Global Business Network Meeting.
  • Complexity. The Sterling-Rice-UBS conference.
  • The New Diversity: what to do when consumers and markets splinter, Global Business Network Meeting, New York City.
  • Flock and Flow. Keynote Speaker, Design Management Institute, Vancouver.
  • How to do Ethnographic Research. Microsoft. Redmond, Washington.
  • A walk in Connecticut: implications for product development & marketing in the grocery sector Canadian Council of Grocery Manufacturers and Distributers. Montreal, Quebec.
  • Flock and Flow: managing innovation on the Kauffman continuum. Innovent Seminar, Nokia Corporation, Portland, Oregon.
  • More is More. A debate with Barry Schwartz. PopTech. Camden, Maine.
  • Ethnography: what it’s for, how it works. New Frontiers for Growth Conference, Marketing Science Meetings, Boston.
  • Raymond Loewy and the 1954 Buick: a mystery in 3 parts. Fuse: Brand Indentity Package Design, New York City.
  • Culture. IDEO. Palo Alto, California.
  • Being On Oprah. Interesting, London, England.
  • Financial Marketing: climbing the value hierarchy, iMedia Financial Summit, New York.
  • Pattern recognition. PSFK Conference. New York City.
  • 10 tools: marketing for new media & the new consumer. Convergence. Vancouver.
  • Connecting to culture. American culture and automotive marketing. iMedia Automative Summit.
  • Culture and creativity and advertising. FutureFlash Institute of Canadian Advertising.
  • Transformations, the new segmentation. European Society Of Marketing and Research, First International Conference, Montreal.
  • I am sorry to have to tell you this, but you have Asperger’s syndrome. Interesting, New York City.
  • Who owns the corporation? How about designers? American Institute of Graphic Designers. FUSE, New York City.
  • Executive Education, Harvard Business School, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009
  • Design Management Institute, New York City.
  • Banff Media Festival, Banff, Alberta.
  • TYPO London.
  • University of Delft.
  • TEDxHarlem, New York City.