Vin Diesel, endangered?

I picked up the latest Entertainment Weekly to figure out why and how Vin Diesel has become such a big hit. (Yes, I saw Fast and Furious. I still didn’t get it.)

Here’s what they say:

“What’s going on,” explains one Hollywood agent, “is that there’s a shortage of action stars in Hollywood.”

How could Hollywood run out of one of its staples.

I figured this would be a good problem to put before popular culture experts not least because it cannot be (well) answered with the usual platitudes about Hollywood. You actually have to know something the industry and the moment in the industry.

Second, this is a genuine wobble in popular culture, something truly anomalous. It satisfies the anomaly test: “If someone had written an essay 10 years ago saying that Hollywood would someday run out of action stars, would anyone have taken it seriously?” The answer here has to be no.

So what happened? How and why fail to produce more action adventure stars?

53 thoughts on “Vin Diesel, endangered?

  1. jack

    hi can i come and see you one day and talk about the film fast and furious your in sinceley jack wilkinson.

  2. Jessy

    Hallo Vin,
    ich kann dir zwar nicht auf englisch schreiben aber ich probiere es einfach mal so.
    Du bist ein echt guter schauspieler und ich mag dich sehr
    ich liebe deine filme denn sie sind echt gut
    ich hoffe das ich eine antwort bekomme
    schönen tag

    MfG Jessy

  3. michael

    Hey Vin, your great actor very good hehe! !
    Ich würde dich gerne kennen lernen! !
    Ich selber fahre auch ein heis getuntes auto hehe! !!:-D

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