CxC: Watch this space

Spent last night working with Leora Kornfeld and Lars Meyer on a redesign of the CxC website.

Actually, I spent last night listening to Leora and Lars roll out a new design. My contributions: “wow,” “Yeah, that’s really good,” “no, I mean it, that’s really good.”

And it is. The chief change, I think, (really, you should ask Leora and Lars), is that the website will be less book-centric and more organization-centric. Instead of being about the three books in the Culture by Commotion triology, it will present a statement of Culture by Commotion, the enterprise, the journal, the projects…and then the books. Better.

The thing about your own website is you think you it’s familiar because it’s good, but in fact it works the other way around. It’s good because it familiar. So, actually, the first thinking Leora and Lars did was gently shake me out of my sense of complacency.

There is supposed to be a quid pro quo here. I am helping them with a business plan. So far this is not a balanced exchange.

Other developments: 1) the sophie project statement is now up, 2) I hope to have the Pepys project statement up today, 3) the Pudgie statuette is taking shape somewhere in the desert outside Santa Fe, 4) the board is growing with invitations out to three new members.