neo-con footwear, just in time for spring

A ripple of excitement ran through Neo-Conservative world today as news of the Black Spot Sneaker spread.

“These are slammin,” said David Frum.

“It’s what to wear on the half pipe,” said Norman Podhoretz.

“Nothing gives me better traction in the corridors of power.” said Douglas Feith.

The shoe in question was created by Kalle Lasn and the Adbusters organization. It looks a little like a Converse All-Star. And it goes well with everything.

Well, not everything. The Neo-Conservative Design Council (NCDC) feels strongly that, worn with a bow tie, Black Spot Sneakers give the wearer a ‘Professor PBS’ or “children’s educational television” look. “This is not something we recommend,” a NCDC spokesperson said yesterday, “But they really work with gray flannel trousers.”

Neo-con insiders say the footwear trend is driven by something more than aesthetics.

“I guess what really caught our attention was the black spot,” the NCDC said.

In this month’s Adbusters, Lasn published “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish.” He provided a list of the “50 most influential neo-cons in the U.S.” He put black spots beside the name of anyone on the list he thought was Jewish. Twenty-six people got black spots.

“I mean, the coincidence is striking, don’t you think? Black spot sneakers for black spot neo-cons. We feel the symbolism is irresistible.”

And indeed the Neo-Con camp is reportedly rushing to the website.

“Look, I know there are only 26 of us, but we’re high profile. The trickle-down effect will be tremendous.”

Not everyone agrees.

“This can’t be good for business. I mean Norman Podhoretz is not a fashion forward early adopter. I think these guys might be jamming the culture jammers. And that’s just mean,” said one Adbusters critic.

Lasn’s reaction is unknown. Industry insiders are waiting to see if he will ask corporations to require Jewish Neo-Conservatives to wear the Black Spot sneaker, especially on days when they might be party to conversations concerning Israel.

Adbusters: Why won’t anyone say they are Jewish?

(All quotes invented, all attributions spurious.)

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