that ghost in the corridor

Ok, so I am still at the Stanley Hotel (see previous entry) and this afternoon I found 3 people wandering the corridor, looking in all the nooks and crannies.

“Looking for ghosts?” I ask cheerily.

Yes, they say, only a little sheepishly. “Have you seen any?”

“No,” I say, “but apparently no one guest survives the night in 415. They check out by dawn.”


“That’s what they say.”

“So have you seen anything?”

“No,” I say, “what’s the camera for.”

“Well,” they say, only a little sheepishly, “it can pick up ghosts.”

I nod sagely.

“But we don’t need a camera. We picked something up in this hall way.”

I can’t resist, “I’m pretty lifelike, aren’t I?”

What a look those phantom seekers gave me! The older woman actually hopped back a step. And the younger one took my picture.

This is an entry about the new credulity. And the things anthropologist will do for data.