death of a comedienne

There are some inalterable rules of culture.

Even popular cultures have them.

One of these is that comedians have the authority to scold us only if they have the ability to make us laugh. It’s one of those “pay as you go” (fund your own credibility) deals.

Last night, poor Janeane Garofalo broke this rule on Jon Stewart.

This morning, Gene Koo observed,

I rended my garments and beat my chest in embarrassment tonight while listening to Janeane Garofalo rehash tired and unfunny liberal tripe on the Daily Show, while Jon Stewart valiantly tried to point out that liberals are the new conservatives with their hands over their ears.

And then he asked,

When did Garofalo quit being a comedian?

Koo’s just kidding. He knows it was last night at 11:17.