Surveillance Camera Theatre

Thanks to Evolution Will Be Blogged, I now know there is such a thing as Surveillance Camera Players.

What a clever idea. I like the idea of strolling through my city and coming upon a troop as they gamely see how much drama they can pack into the grainy lens and black and white photography of a security camera.

With a little ingenuity, it should be possible to jack into the feed and send the image to the internet.

With email alerts, we could gather round our browsers and enjoy wild, street corner, pantomime.

We might even wager what, if any, theatrical theme is intended. (“It’s about folk dancing in Romania!” “No, no, no, a tribute to Ty Cobb, surely.”)

Naturally there would be advertising, and this too would be interesting. How do you sing the praises of AT&T or Tide when all you have is a bad camera and a talentless band of thespians? Marketing, surely this is buzz worthy. Reinvent thyself.

But EWBB tells us that Surveillance Camera Theatre has been commandeered for the usual, dreary, political purposes. (Plainly they have found the medium they deserve.)

Here’s the sign that gets posted when the New York players perform. There is nothing quite as entertaining as a manifesto, is there?

surveillance camera screed.bmp

More details here.

2 thoughts on “Surveillance Camera Theatre

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  2. wireless surveillance camera

    My wireless is a Linksys. Only works with IE and Active X, which is a major complaint about it. The other is a wired Panasonic, but it’s hooked to a wireless bridge. Gives the same functionality. But you’re right, the Panasonic can be viewed in Firefox with no plugin. Still, you need the password.

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