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I am going to NYC today to present the the capital markets data collected in Boston, Seattle and Kansas City (see posts above). But a couple of things before I go.

I am setting up a forecasting model for popular culture for a large client, and I want to recruit people who are well informed about one or more aspects of same. I am looking for people who really know their music, film, magazines, zines, sports, design, retailing, food, architecture, cars, capital markets, marketing, radio or television. The idea is to establish “listening posts” throughout contemporary culture in order to identify and track innovations. This is not a full time but a consulting assignment. The expert would be consulted on a monthly basis, supplying perhaps a day a month. (Details of the project are still being worked out.)

The “listener” will be a rare bird. Some of the people who are well informed about an aspect of contemporary culture are, in a sense, too well informed. They cannot see for forest for the trees. My client is looking for someone with tremendously good powers of pattern recognition and a feeling for the bigger picture.

The other key qualifier is that the listener exercise a curiosity that is dispassionate. There are lots of people who know popular culture down to the ground but they use this knowledge to demonstrate how exquisitely hip they are. In a phrase, they are “too cool for school.” No avant-garde-ists need apply.

Could I ask “this blog sits at” readers for names of people they think might qualify. I will post more details in subsequent entries (and forgive me if I slow acknowledging your suggestions…I will be on the road for the next few days.)

Your help would be very much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Forecasting change

  1. Gary snodgrass

    Great Idea, You might also think about someone in touch with the latest technology advances. It seems that technology is driving the culture, or is it the other way around? Think about

    Instant Messaging
    Internet Surfing
    MP3 Players

    What is the next big thing?

  2. Dave Pearson

    I am extremely interested in this project. I would be more than happy to participate (feel free to email me to determine my qualifications) but at the very least, I hope some of the outcomes will make their way into your pages.

    A great idea.

    (I’d also like to recommend Nigel Wallis, a longtime reader of your blog as a very connected guy. Email me for his contact details)

  3. Jumi Kim

    If you want to put the archaeologist in me to work, I would be interested in this project. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

  4. Grant

    Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in the project. I am on the road this week and I will have relatively time and unpredictable access to email. Please be patient. I will get back to you! Best, Grant

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