Your man in Camden


Good news from Indiana University Press. They are in the process of publishing a book called Culture and Consumption II (out in April). They agreed yesterday to publish the Culture by Commotion trilogy: Plenitude, Flock and Flow and Transformation. It will be nice to get these books into hard covers. (We must wonder about the wisdom of publishing 4 books in a 18 month period. Have to have a word with the boys in the product development lab.)

I am in Camden, Maine for the PopTech conference, today throught Saturday, on the theme of Plenitude.

PopTech descends from the Camden Conference on Technology founded by the first generation of computer creators and enterpreneurs. People from MIT and the Boston PC community moved to the area around 10 years ago. CCT/PopTech was founded about 8 years ago.

Andrew Zolli is one of the architects of the event, and what a good choice he was for the job. Here is a man who has travel visas for every province of the world of innovation and fully appointed residences in several of them.

Will let you know what I hear over the next couple of days. That is if you trust me to be your man in Camden.

More on the PopTech conference here

2 thoughts on “Your man in Camden

  1. Tom Guarriello

    There’s more than one “man in Camden” this week, Grant. I’m there (here?) too!

    Looking forward to meeting you “atom to atom” instead of just “bit to bit.”


    PS – congrats on the book.

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