Good news on Carolyn Parrish

Carolyn Parrish, Member of Parliament, has been thrown out of the Liberal Party caucus for her several, calculated insults against US president George W. Bush.

Several days ago, she appeared on a Canadian comedy show with a Bush doll under her booted heal.

Ms. Parrish drew notice on this blog August 28 in a post called Carolyn Parrish is a big fat idiot (on anti-Americanism in Canada). You may find it here.

There were over 100 comments on this post Many of them help illuminate the Parrish problem and the anti-American position for which she speaks.


Anon. 2004. Maverick MP turfed from Liberal Caucus. here.

4 thoughts on “Good news on Carolyn Parrish

  1. Colin

    Not really. She was thrown out for stating her lack of loyalty to the Prime Minister and his team and stating in public that she didn’t much care if her party was defeated in the next election.

  2. Anonymous

    Good riddance. She was an embarassment to the Canadians. She does not seem to be an educated woman. Or is she? I forget…

  3. Mark

    Tell you what, send this Snake of a woman to Virginia Beach, VA, on vacation, yeah that’s it; She would not get her first venomous bite out of her mouth before some Military wife would make her eat her words, with a fist as a chase it down.

  4. Mike

    She was kicked out because she was not loyal to Paul Martin, not because of what she said about Americans.

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