Spluttering and inarticulate today at 3:00

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Today, I¬íll be a guest on the Debbie Millman show. You can listen by going here at 3:00 Eastern seaboard time. I’ll be on from 3 to 4.

The show will open with a discussion of blogging, I think, but the discussion will then march off in all directions. You are welcome to call in questions and comments at 1-866-233-7861.

3 thoughts on “Spluttering and inarticulate today at 3:00

  1. gary

    I enjoyed the broadcast. You were light on your feet, noncontentious, but holding to your opinions. Well done.

  2. AH

    I also caught you on airamerica, and found you very suave and good and etc. Surprised, however, that when the young woman asked the question about “free choice” generating similar choices, the name Rene Girard did not come up at all…Or is that not someone you find plausible when he says societies run by mimesis/imitation?

  3. Grant

    Gary, thanks for the thumbs up, Grant

    AH, I am ashamed to say thta I don’t know the Rene Girard name. Could I have a reference, please! Thanks, Grant

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