an unsolicited, unpaid recommendation

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The program Mind Manager Pro is a dandy device for organizing complex bodies of data.

And it creates great little data maps that genuinely help to manage complexity.

I used one at Sesame Street on Tuesday and it makes it vastly easy to cover lots of topics without spinning into incoherence, my usual modus operandi.

The Mindjet website is here.

7 thoughts on “an unsolicited, unpaid recommendation

  1. Brian

    Sadly it’s a Win32 application. Anything comparable for OS X?

    No, I’m not being snarky. Anything that promises to nuke PowerPoint is ‘ok’ in my book.

  2. lorenz

    For a free alternative for all platforms there’s “Freemind” at sourceforge. Don’t know if it has as many features as Mind Manager, though.

  3. liz

    I’m always looking for software that will help me, and more importantly, the High School Princess of Dyslexia.

    We are also dedicated OS X’ers — I don’t have the time or the brainspace to be an IT professional, like you have to be to run a network at home on Microsoft machines.

    I’ll check out “Freemind”, thanks Lorenz.

  4. AH

    Thanks, Grant, for the heads-up. I’m hoping to make this baby dance the polka. I told them you sent me, hope that gives you leverage with an update.

    Incidentally, folks-at-large, I use both platforms and Windows has a bad rap here and elsewhere. You might want a barebones used PC for certain tasks like this, unless, of course, the whole thing is a matter of kewl and not pragmatic after all; it’s a good & privileged life if de gustibus brings home the bacon…

  5. AH

    Oops, I forgot and rode off on that high horse. How did you use this at Sesame Street, Grant? Was it the brainstorming tool used by the moderator with a projected computer screen, sort of an interactive recording whiteboard? Or did you prepare or record your own participation on it?

    A. the Hunny

  6. Brian

    Well, no, I’m not wedded to my PowerBook – it’s merely a decent tool that gets out of the way and lets me work. Were I to need, say, MindManager I’d happily drag out a Windows desktop and get to work.

  7. Brian

    Please note that the domain address in my email address was rejected by your spam filter.

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