White Like Me

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Do you remember Eddie Murphy’s “White Like Me” routine on Saturday Night Life, the one in which he revealed that white people don’t have to pay for the bus or sign for a loan?

I always thought this was comedy…until I received this disturbing email.

The Orvis Company Store Private Shopping Night

Save the date! Thanks to the generosity of The Orvis Company Inc President/CEO Perk Perkins (Williams ’75), All-Ivy Club Members are invited to a private, after-hours opportunity at their Manhattan store located just blocks away from the club to get outfitted for summer. Members will receive a discount on all merchandise purchased throughout this special catered evening. Orvis is America’s oldest mail order company and a sporting tradition since 1856, specializing in men’s and women’s apparel, along with gear for the country home, dogs, fly fishing, hunting and travel.

Privilege, it’s a terrible thing. (Among other things, it encourages you to dress badly.)

3 thoughts on “White Like Me

  1. Supergenius

    Ugh. And I thought the ads in the back of my alumni magazine for services to date only Ivy grads was tacky…

  2. The Owner's Manual

    This strikes me as similar to the Small Business Administration, to whom males of a certain race need not apply. The difference is SBA takes money at, if need be, gunpoint to consummate their discrimination.

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