Tug_boat_1 The launch of Culture and Consumption II went well, considering.

We pushed the book into the east river and then had it tugged out into the harbor.  Everything was fine till we moved  out of cell phone range and everyone said we had to turn around and come home. 

We were boarded by the Coast Guard who said that our citation style didn’t conform to the new Homeland Security code and that there were, in the words of one officer, "Way too many footnotes and other intellectual affectations.  Just get over yourself." 

Still, I believe this book is the only entry in the field of marketing and branding that manages to talk about the economics of Drew Bledsoe’s home, the fins on the cars of the 1950s, how people turn houses into homes, how museum’s mistake the consumer, the mechanics of celebrity endorsement, how marketers make meanings for the brand, and other breathlessly interesting topics. 

I have a hang-over the size of…something really large.  So "light blogging" only today, doctor’s orders.

7 thoughts on “Launched!

  1. Amos Bray

    FWIW, I was a member of the crew of that Coast Guard vessel, and you’ll be pleased or at least semi-satisfied to know I mutinied the captain of that ship and threw the bastard overboard so he’ll not trouble the world again with his half-witted lit-crit chat. Enjoying your book very much and looking forward to all the post-Oprah sections. -cs

  2. Grant


    what a pleasure it is to hear from a fellow old Cottonian. And thank you for your aid in dealing a blow against that lit-crit half wit.

    I am sorry our paths did not cross at school. I think that may be because you appear to have graduated in the late 19th century (1870s, roughly?) whereas my vintage is a little more recent (between the European wars).

    I leave you with those spendid, stirring open words we both have sung (and I sing still). Makes me a little teary, to be honest. That’s what comes of being in my 70s, no doubt. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be counting in the triple digits!)

    We sing of days now past and gone, we sing of days to be;
    A song to fire the mind of youth, and kindle memory;

    Best, Grant

  3. Amos Bray

    Abbadabba… what memories that song provokes in my bronzed breast… I first heard it, when? Just after the War, I think… the Civil War… but I fear you’ve got the wrong AB (the world is brimming with ’em)… I was born a tad bit earlier than the ’70s… you can see a recent snapshot of me here, down in the lower right corner:, though I have no idea who that joker is claiming me as kin, my god the things one finds on one’s wanderings! I think I once met that Old Cottonian you mention, however… we were both pall-bearers at a funeral of one Mrs. J. Ray Mullendore of Caney Valley, Kansas, 1937 if memory serves… what are the chances? It’s possible we ended the day in a bar-fight, now I think of it, over the former affections of the deceased no doubt, or was that another time? Oh well, apologies for clogging your blog!

  4. Sean

    Hey, I bought it–despite the garish cover..heh. Looking forwarding to reading it though.

    Sean Ryan

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