Csi_1 One of the most important developments in popular culture this year is going on sale in a few minutes.  Xbox360 is almost with us.

To celebrate, CSI Miami is now showing an episode about a killer "video game."  It’s about college students who cannot distinquish between virtual reality and TV reality.    Some kids rob a bank as if playing a game and chose their victims according to the "points" they’re worth.  Another plays for 70 hours straight, dying with his virtual boots on.  So remember, kids, guns don’t kill people, games and gamers do. 

Breathtakingly  stupid and further evidence that even the creators of popular culture are not always very well acquainted with it.   CSI Miami, say good bye to a segment or two.  But, hey, the genre is pretty much over, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “CSI MIA

  1. aj

    It was clueless and offensive on so many levels, not least of which the girl gamer who had to become more hardcore than all the others “in order to get guys to even look at you.” Uh, hello??

    Shark+ramp+motorcycle+The Fonz= yup, you guessed it.

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