SSA, consumer centricity and the passing of Peter Drucker

Sorry not to have blogged more.  I am minutes away from having my battery run out.

Just to say, very briefly, that one of themes that preoccupied the afternoon had to do with the ways in which social software ought to, and can, make itself more responsive to the user. 

Not to be a Mr. smarty-pants about this but consumer centricity is something that the marketing community knows about.  In the person of Charles Coolidge Parlin, this community invented the phrase "consumer is king" in or around 1912. 

Indeed, the marketing community can claim to be a champion of this notion.  This might be one place that marketers can make themselves useful to the social software community.  Mind you, there isn’t much to this beyond a willingness to take vows of humility, forsake the meanings with which we construe the world, and embrace first the possibility and then the fact that others have their own ways of seeing things.  The concept here is pretty straight forward.  It’s the practice that’s hard, especially for corporations that are inclined to a certain self absorption. 

And on this note, I will seize this opportunity to mark the passing of the master on the weekend, Peter Drucker, the man who did so much to persuade that "it was not about them" but the consumer.