Guest post: Tom Guarriello on the mass media and blogging


Yesterday, Tom Guarriello offered a great comment on old media’s cry of alarm about blogging and the new media:

It’s a particularly interesting day in the "they’ve gone mad" wing of the tsk-tskers. Here, Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal:

"But there is one more personality trait common to the blogosphere that, like crabgrass, may be spreading to touch and cover everything. It’s called disinhibition. Briefly, disinhibition is what the world would look like if everyone behaved like Jerry Lewis or Paris Hilton or we all lived in South Park.

Example: The Web site currently famous for enabling and aggregating millions of personal blogs is called If you opened its "blogs" page this week, the first thing you saw was a blogger’s video of a guy swilling beer and sticking his middle finger through a car window. Right below that were two blogs by women in their underwear.

In our time, it has generally been thought bad and unhealthy to "repress" inhibitions. Spend a few days inside the new world of personal blogs, however, and one might want to revisit the repression issue."

Oh, man, women in their underwear. What’s next?


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