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Fisher_house What is the best way to honor Memorial Day?  For me, it’s to honor sacrifice. 

Here is a passage from the blog American Soldier.  It’s written by a man who has returned from service and is now struggling to restore his life.

Where does one begin to recoup from a war? So many people say that by going to a counselor and talking about it that you will be ok.

“It’s going to take time.”

I cannot put it all into words. I am having trouble with normalcy.  I try very hard to occupy myself.  Heck I even got myself a few hobbies now.  However, I feel out of place.  I have flashbacks and can’t sleep at night.  When I finally get to sleep I am immersed in a nightmare.  The memory’s of the environment that nearly killed me more than once haunts me now that I am home and safe.  The nights are the worst for me.  I am alone and who can I really talk to when its 2am and I’m wide awake?  I mean I could wake my wife up but it’s not fair to her if I did this every night.  So I just waste away afraid to go to sleep.

What in the hell did I do to deserve this?  I nearly died for my country and I’m left to endure this post traumatic stress disorder.  I am stronger than this but I cannot defeat it, there is not operation order for this.

Some of the things that suck are as simple as leaving my house.  Why? I feel like I might get blown apart from an incoming mortar round.  All stemming from when I was in Iraq and the constant incoming we would receive.  Going to take a shower was dangerous.  And yes, people did get killed while taking showers from incoming.

One way to help honor American service man and women is to support Fisher House, an organization that aids families as they gather to comfort wounded soldiers.  You may make contributions to Fisher House here


Anonymous.  2006.  Welcome to the Real Suck.  American Soldier.  April 19, 2006.  here.


3 thoughts on “American soldier

  1. Overworm

    Great post. Is any quote truer than, “war is hell”?

    I hate the occupation, and I severely dislike the commander-in-chief, but I love and respect our armed forces.

  2. Katie Welter

    We would like to offer a free 3D charm pendant to every family who has lost a solider in the current war against terrorism. Please visit our site for more information. Thanks.

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