We are 600!

Birthday_cakeThis is the 600th post for This Blog Sits At the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics.

Thank you very much to TBSA readers for their 3130 comments and many off line encouragements.  I once heard someone say that TBSA had the smartest readers in the blogosphere.  I believe this is true. 

Other stats:

There are now over 700,000 words in 600 posts.

According to Technorati, there are 1009 links from 290 blogs. 

Thanks very much to everyone who has participated with great comments, questions, and challenges. 

Normally, when TBSA reaches a milestone, I ask visitors to keep their ticket stubs and claim a free beverage (medium) of their choice in the lobby.  But Mrs. Burton is sick today and the confection stand is closed.  We are deeply sorry. 

Ok, enough self (and reader) congratulation.

Here are the three pieces of software without which TBSA could not be written.  I pass them along as a way of reciprocating for the contributions of fellow bloggers.  (More probably, and as usual, I will find that many of you are way ahead of me, and I will be learning about new software shortly!)

Clipmate 7.  This is a great little program for gathering materials as you move through an article or post.  It spares me  the laborious copy-move-paste, copy-move-paste regime that is otherwise required. It clips images well, which is sometimes useful.  The software is cheap and downloadable here.

MindManager’s MindJet: This is a great way of capturing ideas quickly and getting them into a visual array that makes it easier to think about them all at once.  It’s expensive but worth every penny.  I now use it for everything.  The Mindmanager website is here.

Post2Blog: This is a little word processor for blog posts.  I use it only because the TypePad word processor is so squished, so "letter box."  Post2Blog is not perfect and if anyone knows of a better one, I would love to hear of it.  See the website here.

9 thoughts on “We are 600!

  1. debbie millman

    congratulations on this milestone, grant. your blog and your writing is an inspiration to so many. thank you for that.

    since mrs. burton is sick, do you think pam can whip up some beverages?
    : )

  2. Jack Yan

    Congratulations on 600! That was the total of what we managed at the old Beyond Branding Blog between 2003 and 2006—so I know just what a milestone it is since it took eight of us to get there.

  3. andrew

    Congratulations Uncle Grant. But, will they make you drink all those drinks?? -Andrew

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