Theodore Levitt

Levitt_iiThis Blog Sits At mourns the passing of Theodore Levitt.

Here is the way he was remembered yesterday by the dean of the Harvard Business School.

Theodore (Ted) Levitt, a legendary figure in the field of marketing, died early [Wednesday] morning at his home in Belmont after a long illness.  He was 81.  Ted joined the HBS faculty in 1959, was named the Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration in 1979, and retired from the faculty in 1990.  During his tenure, he served as an editor of the Harvard Business Review and as head of the marketing unit, among other responsibilities.  He was an extraordinary researcher, teacher, and writer, and a mentor to generations of scholars here at the School. 

This is not nearly enough but for the moment it will have to do.

later addition:

More details on Theordore Levitt’s life can be found here

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  2. Chris Byington

    I am one of Ted Levitt’s grandchildren- his eldest daughter, Frances Elizabeth Levitt Byington, is my mother. If you would like some more insight into Ted please respond, as I have had many conversations with him (it was he who taught me how to play chess, to do household tasks, etc)

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