Anthropology, sleeping giant or just sleeping?

Google_trend_iiiHere’s what happens when you enter the terms "anthropology" and "economics" as search terms in Google Trends Lab.  (Clicking on the image will make it larger and more legible.)

Economics looks pretty active.

Anthropology is flat lined. 

It’s a little tragic.

But note, most particularly, that no where do these lines intersect. 

Have a great week end.


Enter your own search terms at Google Trends Lab here.



Thanks to Dave Snell for a key email. 

4 thoughts on “Anthropology, sleeping giant or just sleeping?

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  2. Daniel Rosenblatt

    but look what happens if we compare “culture” and “utility”

    Seriously, this is fun but probably not all that meaningful–or rather, like most quantitative data, most of the interesting questions are about the space between the world and the number you’ve created as an index of something or other. Thanks for the pointer to the fun new toy though (the trend search page)!

  3. Robert Leonard

    Comparing advertising vs. PR also generates some interesting results. A gentle decline in advertising, and rise in PR (not quite what Ries predicted). Also, the comparisons across countries is also interesting.

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