Cocreation or brand revenge

Pirates_iI am in Pittsburgh.  No, not for the all-star game, but thanks for the thought. 

No, I am here to advise and consult.  But I was interested to learn that Pittsburgh Pirates fans, suffering an extraordinarily disappointing season, have taken to customizing their shirts.

These used to read "Pirates Fan."

Now they read "Irate Fan."

Once we turn over brands to the consumer, we must expect things like this.  And who’s to say it’s bad for the brand.  Better protest than repudiation. 

3 thoughts on “Cocreation or brand revenge

  1. Tom Guarriello

    As a long-suffering Pirates fan (living in Pittsburgh for the Glory Days of World Series wins and Super Bowl trophies), enduring now through 14 straight losing seasons, I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore! I want one of those shirts!!

    If the Florida Marlins and Chicago White Sox can win (don’t even get me started on the Red Sox!) Why Not Us??

    As we used to say with pride, “Beat ‘Em Bucs!”

  2. debbie millman

    Once they get tired of “irate fan” they can then move on to “Pirates of the Caribbean fan.”

  3. roy

    I believe the culture of companies shld stand up to client perception. Im all for cocreation of brand.
    Make it real

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