Blogging mechanics

Kitten_1 Every post is a bet.  We have only so much time to write the thing.  So we want to choose our topic carefully. 

Today, I invested in a topic that did not pay out, that I could not "bring home."  Bad luck.  I have 9 minutes before I do my next interview. 

This means I am out of luck unless I am prepared to lower my standards and that phony post modern strategy, writing about the difficulty of posting.  Novelists and film makers are shameless when it comes to this strategy.  And with this post, I  join their shameful ranks.

The other strategy, and this one is ancient and well tested: pictures of kittens!  This one shows a kitten that lives at the bottom of my sister’s garden in Vancouver Island.  She tells me that the Pig has been awarded honorary kittenness and is included in most play activities. 

Ok, have to go. 

6 thoughts on “Blogging mechanics

  1. Grant

    Austen, thanks, I think this is one of those weird things were opposites mean the same. Shameful, shameless. It’s like that weird phrase, I couldn’t care less. I could care less. Something to do with the effect of the colloquial on the literal. Thanks, Grant

  2. Peter

    It’s not only you, Grant, who has trouble blogging and ends up meta-blogging. We commenters also suffer from this problem. Like now, for instance. I have nothing meaningful to say about kittens, or even the broader subject of Friday-cat-blogging, but I’m commenting anyway! Shame on me for wasting your disc space!

  3. Adam Richardson

    My bete noir of this type of thing are the people who have to write the monthly editorial columns in car magazines. Jeez, they run out of interesting subjects to talk about in about 6 months, and then have to spend the next 15 years coming up with tortured variations and meta articles about how hard it is to come up with an article theme each month. Popular fall-backs include:
    – My first car
    – Remember when we broke down on the side of the road in (fill in blank)?
    – Buying my first car
    – My first car show
    – Selling my first car (sob), buying my second car
    – My dad and his cars
    – A great car engineer/designer/mechanic/inventor/crack-pot/race car driver I once met
    – How cool of a guy one of my fellow writers is
    – Those lamo politicians trying to stop me from a) driving too fast; b) consuming too many natural resources; c) complaining about lamo politicians

    Alternately, pick 3 and blend at random.

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