Reading Week(s)

1026_canadian_pacific_travel_by_train_8x I am going off line for a couple of weeks. 

I have a couple of books that need finishing and a trip to India in the works. 

I will be back on line December 18, 2006. 

May I take this opportunity to thank people who have left comments? These comments are, many of them, wonderfully good, much better than the posts they adorn. 


Grant (McCracken)

7 thoughts on “Reading Week(s)

  1. kedar

    whoopee!!! this is great.

    hey, if you’re planning a stop-over in Delhi and have some speaking gigs lined up,
    do let us know sooner than possible. because there’s a bunch of us who’d love to attend.


  2. jens

    someone said that it is possible do do a year’s work in eleven months – but not in twelve.
    you are doing a wonderful and inspiring job, grant. – holidays well deserved.

  3. Govind Pandey

    Hi Grant

    Which city are u planning to be in ?
    If you are in Mumbai ,speaking somewhere, let me know…


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