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AirplaneA client has me doing a project in France, Germany and Belgium in the next few weeks.  This means I will be conducting ethnographic interviews in the home with the EU consumer.  This will be a 3 week anthropological fly over of a world that I need to know better.   Should be fascinating. 

But here’s the deal.  I need someone to help translate these interviews, linguistically and culturally. 

It looks as if I might have someone to do the German translation.  (This thanks to Russell Davies, who very kindly posted a "help, please" notice on my behalf.  And if I lucky enough to get the guy who stepped forward, I will be thrilled.  He is sensationally qualified.  This makes it official.  Russell knows the most interesting people.   And this too is now confirmed: planners are curious, observant, thoughtful, and inventive and we should all now be stocking our networks with them.) 

But I still need someone to help translate in France and Belgium.  If there is someone who has really good translation skills and wants to spend a couple of weeks in Europe, please let me know.  It should be amazing fun.   

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  1. Ralf Beuker

    Hi Grant,

    what a pity that the German ticket has already gone. I will be busy with a similar German-Dutch project as well for the next couple of weeks; could have creted some nice synergies. If you still need a dugout candiate feel free to contact me 😉

    As for Belgium you might want to contact Johan Bonner who’s blogging at: http://ice–
    His last blog posting might be slightly outdated, but as I know he’s been busy with setting up his own consultancy on the intersection of Design & Business.

    Good luck for the project and thanks for your informative blog!

  2. kcs

    I’m afraid I can’t help with your request for language skills. I hope you don’t mind the comment anyway. I liked reading about your research project. I am in Croatia, doing some ethnography in the homes of people in Zagreb (focus is on tableware). As you know, Croatia is not in the EU yet, but is on the same continent as the EU, and everyone uses slang for tableware, which is always German. I hope that we’ll have some posts to read about your experiences. Enjoy!

  3. Stephane


    What an amazing opportunity it would be to work with you.
    I’m from Montreal, but if you feel that I can be of any help for your French part, please feel free.
    Working with Nomad at Nucleus (the ethnography & non-traditional research department of Cossette) was a real thrill and I look forward to re-touch the fascinating world of ethnography.

    What’s the timing ?


  4. fredrik


    My wife, a stupidly smart anthropologist/communication consultant, fluent in french and three other languages would jump at the chance. Unfortunately, she’s sort of off the job market taking care of our young kids at the moment. At least in the sense that she can’t travel.

    Anyway, I’ll ask her if knows someone who would be suitable.

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