Please help II

EuropeI leave tonight for 3 or 4 weeks in Europe and am hoping to recruit 9 readers of this blog as expert respondents. 

What I am looking for are people who can tell me about food, culture, Europe, home life, cooking, meal time, the family, and the present state of consumer taste, preference and inclination. 

The interview will take a couple of hours.  The fee is $200.oo American.  And it should be an opportunity for a rousing conversation.  Interviews will be conducted in Germany (week 1), Belgium (week 2) and France (week 3). 

Generally speaking, I am looking for account planners, social scientists, bloggers, journalists, trend watchers…that kind of person.

So if you are expert on these matters, please let me know.   I only have 3 slots for each country, so please forgive if I am unable to include you in the research project. 

Other readers:

It’s going to be a busy time.  Please accept my apologies if blogging proves intermittent. 

8 thoughts on “Please help II

  1. Pramila


    First time here – chanced upon the post about India vs China.
    Loved the way you write – my being Indian might have something to do with my liking that particular post too! 🙂
    Best of luck on your Europe trip.

    psssttt: any chance you are going to stop by Bombay or Banglore with similar interviewing plans? (hey 200$ is a lotta money in my country!)

  2. Dr. Kai-Uwe Hellmann

    Dear Mr. McCracken,
    may be I can support your research a little bit I’m exploring consumption and brands in Germany founding a working group “sociology of consumption and mass culture” in 2002.
    Sincerely Kai-Uwe Hellmann

  3. Yuri van Geest


    I can help you with a meeting in Belgium in week 2. I am a blogger since early 2005, trendwatcher and social-culturally interested.

    Where and when (date and time) would you like to interview me ? I will take every effort to be there.

    More information needed ? Call +31-6-520 344 43.

    Looking forward to meeting you ! Great blog 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Yuri van Geest

  4. Néné La Beet

    (my blog is in Danish)
    I’d love to help you out, but I might not be in the right country at the right time. I’m Danish, living in Denmark (married to an Englishman). But will be in Berlin – or so it seems – over Easter.

    Studying Information Science at a late age (47), blogging for fun, translating books for a living, have always been a “noticer”, so thoroughly enjoyed your latest post.

    Found your blog a while ago via a link to your “The machine is us”-film, which I’ve linked to and praised on my own blog.

  5. Sally

    Just happened upon your blog–I’m a professor of anthropology of education; I’ll ask my doctoral students, who are an international lot, if any of them would be interested.

    Love the blog.


  6. Anthrodiva

    I mentioned in my other ‘comment’ that I have friends in Europe you can contact if you need respondents. If you want to chat with me at more length, I have spent the last 20 years (1984-2006) ping ponging between California and Germany. Not only is my German fluent, I went to a German high school, have maintained 20plus year long friendships, and ended up married to a German I met through that circle. I can tell you a lot about Germans:-)

  7. Leon


    My name is Lionel, I’m French, market researcher (among others) and nearly bilingual (married with an English rose…). I’d be happy to help you. I’m looking for new partners in US and UK, so…


    (Good blog BTW)

  8. Randall Reid

    Intrigued by your posted Blaeu map printed in Amsterdam in 1647, I thought this entry would be the appropriate spot to post a topic for your blog “Intersection of Anthropology and Economics” whereby a major producer of consumer beverages, Cadbury Beverages Canada Inc., has used a map in their Refreshing Roadtrips Campaign but has posted this map of Canada with 2 errors in their hyperlinks… The Yukon and North West Territories hyperlinks have been inverted. In the interest of defending Canadian iconic identity, I noted the error by sending an email 18 days ago to on Sunday, April 29, 2007 to see if a fix could be made. No response to date.
    Will this “modest” error and continued delay in remedy have any impact on Canadian consumers of their so Canadian brands? Will any other consumers even notice? Should this “spot the error” be treated as a contest too and circulated virally and perhaps with your book as a prize to the first person noting the correction date or getting a response from Canada Dry?
    To: Grant McCracken, Cultural Anthropologist & Author of Culture & Consumption
    “Consumers and the Future of Food”

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