We are 800

Birthday_cake Today marks the 800th post for This Blog Sits At the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics.

Shareholders should know that growth is "trending upwards." According to Technorati, there are 3,750 links from 436 blogs.  We have a couple of thousand page views on most days.  We have 4400 comments  and 388 trackbacks.  We broke 1 million words, finally. 

Mrs. Burton, I regret to say, is no longer with us.  (Normally, Mrs. Burton sees to the celebration, carbonated soft drinks, fireworks, that sort of thing.)  Under the stage name, Flirtin’ Burton, she is now managing a roller derby league in Des Moines.  "Not very different from managing things at This Blog Sits At," she tells me. 

To those who read and those who comment, my devout thanks.   We are nothing without you. 

8 thoughts on “We are 800

  1. jens

    debs and i want you to know that she is not in des moines and that your secrets are not burried at the roller derby.
    happy birthday anyway.

  2. Asi


    I’ve only recently ‘discover’ your blog and it is a delight.

    keep up the great job


  3. Carol Gee

    Congratulations, Grant. It is anthropologically absolutely appropriate to mark such passages with celebration. Do you remember what it was like to face the little blank composition box the first time? I venture that it feels very different now, as you have found your voice and garnered such a good sized group of readers. We all love your unique blog, and your deep commitment to the art form. Have a great time abroad!

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