Ethnographers wanted

Mexico_city I am conducting ethnographic interviews in Mexico in the near future, and I am looking for:

1. a professional translator

2. a professional recruiter

3. experts who can comment on Mexican culture and commerce, past, present and future, and the trends that shape it. 

The research will take place over 2 weeks, and it will consist in in-home interviews.

If you know of anyone who fits this bill, please let me know. 


4 thoughts on “Ethnographers wanted

  1. Stephen Denny

    Grant: stupidity certainly is contagious — as is mistrust, skepticism, and a host of other social diseases. Cialdini wrote about this point, where dental patients (!) experienced less pain when their dentist didn’t know the administered pain killer was a placebo. Confidence is contagious, too, apparently.

    Many thanks for these posts — all excellent!

  2. barbara

    Looking for sensory scientists that use ethnography in their research. I am a recruiter in the food industry and my client is looking for minimum 3-5 years experience.
    Interested? resume to

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