Andy Samberg, comedy as ideological revenge?

Samberg Andy Samberg is the SNL comic responsible for Dick in a Box, the skit featuring Justin Timberlake that got 10 million viewings on YouTube

His skit Lazy Sunday is credited with increasing YouTube traffic 83%. 

He is heralded as one of the people who will replace Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller now that they are on to grander things. 

Adam Sternbergh has an interesting treatment of Samberg in a July issue of New York Magazine.  He quotes Mr. Samberg as saying,

When I was growing up, I was into movies like Ace Ventura and Billy Madison and Airplane. You know, movies where it’s like, ‘Welcome to Crazy World!’ That to me was so refreshing and freeing—that people actually made a whole movie about bullshit.

Ace Ventura, freeing?  Funny, yes.  Crazy world, check.  Refreshing, sure.  But freeing?

And then you discover that Andy grew up in Berkeley. 


Sternbergh, Adam.  2007.  Three Easy Steps to Comedy Stardom.  New York Magazine. July 23, 2007. here

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