Celebrity sighting

Faith_popcorn_by_riccardo_vecchio_i I think someone said of Gerald Ford that he had the ability to make people around him less interesting. 

I had the chance to watch Faith Popcorn at work today, and I was impressed with her ability to do the opposite.

Everyone seemed to get a little smarter, a little more imaginative.  Clients, participants, the BrainReserve team, all boats rose on the  charismatic tide.

Ms. Popcorn managed somehow to oxygenate the room.  You felt you had permission to think ambitiously, to cast the net wide, even as something in her clarity made you understand that sloppy thinking or intellectual self indulgence were not to be indulged.


To Riccardo Vecchio and the Stanford Medicine Magazine for Vecchio’s remarkable rendering of Popcorn.   You may see the image in its original context here.

1 thought on “Celebrity sighting

  1. Sherri

    I heard you were brilliant. Discovered your blog through Lisa and I read it all the time, I really enjoy it. Appreciate your BrainReserve posting.
    I am a fellow McGill alum from Montreal and am particularly proud 🙂

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