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Paris fashion week: eight days, 90 shows, a cast of thousands, a budget of millions. And how many trends? Er, none, actually. Nada, zero, zilch. … there is no one mood, no single direction to be gleaned from Paris this season.  (Jess Cartner-Morley)


National powerhouses are losing all over the place. The team that’s sitting atop all the polls wasn’t even in the conversation for No. 1 a few weeks ago…  Being ranked No. 2 in the country has pretty much become a recipe for defeat. And nobody has any idea who’s going to play for the national championship.  (King Kaufman)



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Suzanne Hader for a fascinating conversation at the Futures of Entertainment conference this weekend.

2 thoughts on “I’m just saying

  1. jkh

    do not know about football, but a bit about fashion.

    what can you expect when the brightest star on the firmament – hedi slimane – has turned his back to the industry and is taking b+w pictures of pale skinny boys instead and is experimenting with concept bauhaus furniture.

    there is one who could fix this misery. – there is one who could give direction to it all again – but he preferred to step off the stage and to do some soul searching and creative experiments.

    hedi, we need you.

    in the meantime we have to explain the trend-less fashion world with a spin towards total individualization.

  2. Tom Guarriello

    Meta-trends are de-trending. I know you’re not a big fan of the one-of-a-kind world idea, but I’m finding splintering everywhere. Who even wants somebody else’s ringtone? That’s one way to think about the question of why fashion is a mess. By creating the ability to individuate, we’ve exhausted the ability of “the runway” (and its equivalent in every other context, e.g., the United States) to dominate. When Appalachian State beat Michigan it signaled something even huger than YouTube: the Big Dogs are still big but the little dogs eat the big dogs’ lunch too often to be ignored.

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