What’s a doggy-woggy II: the VOWEL award

Dogtagsthanks_to_theawristocrat_dotTime is almost up for the essay contest announced a couple of weeks ago.  You can find the announcement here

Please get your submissions in.  I am pushing the submission date forward to January 10. 

Remember, there is a cash prize of $100.

There is also the stainless honor of being the first recipient of an AEIOU (aka Vowel) award.   (This  acronym stands for Account Planner, Anthropologist, Ethnographer, Insight and Observation Award.) 

Um, the award is not yet officially named, and AEIOU may need some work.  Any suggestions on alternatives?   It should be playful and unassuming.  But it should also look good on a CV, so that Human Relations at a big agency (or the managing partners of a small one) look at your credentials, and say, "so I see you won a Vowel.  Tell me about that." 

Award names should work in several of the following terms (and letters): creativity, innovation,  account planning/er, anthropology/er, ethnography/er, insight, and observation, everyday life, and Russell Davies. 

There is no prize for naming the prize. 

3 thoughts on “What’s a doggy-woggy II: the VOWEL award

  1. Peter

    You moved the submission date from 5 January to 10 January, Grant. In my south-western-pacific branch of anglo-celtic culture, that would be “back” (further from the present) rather than “forward” (closer to the present). Is this a difference between Australian and North American English perhaps?

  2. Marshall

    I would like to suggest that the award is given the name “OWL”. This would make a fine statue to be given out each year. The owl would represent Dignity & Attention – and it sort of sounds like vowel – doesen’t it.

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