You are a winner!

Gmail Gmail has proved a delight in every respect.  Less spam.  More order.  Speedy search.  All the features I want and only the features I want.  Elegant, efficient, incredibly useful. 

A couple of junk emails get through.  For some reason, these are usually for a lottery.  You would think this would be easy to program against.  I mean, just excise every email with the word "lottery" in it. 

It is remotely possible, I guess, that Gmail is letting a few through to remind me of the old days with Microsoft Outlook when I fought spam like a London fire marshall during the blitz. 

If that’s what happening, enough said.  Complaint withdrawn.  Pray continue.  I am happy to be reminded of my deliverance.  I will receive Lottery emails with Passover piety. 

On the other hand, let me go on the record and say it’s ok if Gmail wants to suppress all future emails with Lottery anywhere in the heading or the body. 

And here’s why.  I assume that if I ever win a lottery, they will let me know in the usual way.  I will look out my front window, and there, standing on the lawn, will be a man in a suit with a microphone, a beautiful woman in a evening gown, and a check the size of Newfoundland.

4 thoughts on “You are a winner!

  1. Julie, writer

    Gmail is very efficient and although I’ve been using Yahoo for years, my recent relationship with Gmail is going great! One of the reasons why I chose to open an account in Gmail is the fact that it handles attachments very, very quickly. I’d be waiting a few minutes to an almost an hour for large files. In Gmail, it’s attached in a second!

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