Pattern recognition, pattern cognition

Psfk_presentation_top_slideI presented this morning at the PSFK conference.  My talk was called Pattern Recognition. 

The talk is about how we use "intellectual appliances."  You can find the entire presentation on line  here at  (Thanks, Drew.)

Hope you like it.  I would be grateful if you would leave comments here instead of there.  Thanks! 

3 thoughts on “Pattern recognition, pattern cognition

  1. Candy Minx

    I did enjoy this especially since I am also in the business of pattern recognition. I am always seeking to share patterns with others, and cull them into film or art. I think there are patterns to pattern recognition. I also think there are advantages to losing those patterns to see more…kind of like shedding the ego….but I ramble…

    um side note…I was thinking of you a few weeks ago after the Superbowl Sunsilk ad I was looking to see if you had written anything about it but couldn’t find a post…and I wrote a little note about it here:

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