Vox populi

I am in a conference facility that, miraculously, has no useful internet access.  (When did this become a utility, like phone service or running water?  This place hasn’t got the news.)

Here’s something I overheard at breakfast:

I didn’t do it

and if I did do it

it’s not my fault

and if it is my fault

you can’t blame me

and if you can blame me

my wife has to forgive me anyhow.

2 thoughts on “Vox populi

  1. ab

    I’m not sure when it became a utility, but I have certainly noticed your query as fact this week as we have been without home internet access for some 5 days and will not have restoration until (so they say) next Tuesday, a full week away! Last night we were like unto helpless babes, forced to scrounge through the cabinetry for some sustaining scrap to eat. When that failed (of course), we attempted to use our iPhone to access Seamless Web (no go; poor iPhone). Thence to googling a restaurant from memory to get the phone number (success; good iPhone) and having the ordertaker perform what must be a fast-dying art: reading the menu to us over the wire(less). I’ll own it is all fascinating and slightly pathetic and it is timely that the American Journal of Psychiatry this month again treats upon the topic of internet addiction, labeling it “compulsive-impulsive disorder” aka mental illness. Well indeed. -ab

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