the little book that could (kinda)

My_titlz_for_transformations_may_19I will never catch up to Blue Ocean Strategies, the best-selling Business Press title.   But today I pulled within 13325 places of it.  Here at the intersection of anthro and econ, that’s a full day’s work.

Blue Ocean Strategies ALWAYS ranks in the top 1000 in TitleZ.   (TitleZ shows the relative standing of books sold on 

And the kind of stuff I do is usually a 6 digit proposition.  So 5 digits, that’s cause for celebration. 

If you are still wondering whether you should own your own copy of Transformations, let me say this.  This book explores the great new consumer motive at work in the market today.  If you are in the field of marketing, planning, design, the b-school community, you really should own a copy…or two.  Ditto, if you are interested in the dynamics and anthropology of contemporary culture.Transformations_cover_ii

You can order your copy of Transformations (and boost my TitleZ number!) here.  It comes with this lovely cover, courtesy of my talented wife.  (Notice clever play on butterfly as Rorschach inkblot.)

5 thoughts on “the little book that could (kinda)

  1. Paul

    hey, i’ve taken your word and have just bought it (at No reviews there yet so will add one once I’ve read it. I’ll stick a review on my blog too…

  2. smack

    Grant – looking for a copy of Transformations, but don’t want to wait weeks for “online delivery”. I am in Princeton this week and back in Toronto next. Do you know if any university book stores are carrying stock?


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