Catch and release, diffusion style

Tom Yesterday, at Truetalk, Tom Guarriello did a great reconstruction of what it’s like to ride the diffusion curve. 

He gives us an insider’s view of that human impulse for coolness, the one forces innovation through the system, turning something that is new and tantalizing into something that is tedious and laboriously obvious. 

Tom’s phenomenological exercise also shows one of the impulses that makes our culture stream with change, the way we all contribute to the formation of a world that is never still.

Georg Simmel would love this piece.  Dude!  Beauty!   


Guarriello, Tom.  2008.  Adopt early, adopt often.  True Talk. July 17, 2008.  here

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  1. Paul

    hi Grant, unrelated to this post, i took your ‘Transformations’ away on holiday with me last week. Quite enjoyed it although wasn’t a quick easy read (for me anyway). I particularly liked your “swift selves’, although I worry I might be a bit like this. And don’t see this as a good thing. Do you have more information on these ‘swift selves’?

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