Brian Collins: design genius

We_logo_from_wecansolveitorg_2 For power, elegance and strategic perfection, how about the icon from  We read it as "we" but something tugs at us.  There is an anomaly here, and it takes a moment to see that the "w" is actually an "m" turned upside down.  We issues from me.  We transcends me. Brilliant.

I was pleased to see that this is the work of Brian Collins.  Hats off ot Mr. Collins.  I was at a dinner party on Saturday night, and to our surprise, everyone agreed that Brian wrote the best status lines on Facebook.  Hat’s off for these too. I recommend you find Mr. Collins on Facebook and befriend him.  The status line was never so well designed.  Plus it nice to keep the company of genius even if it’s only online.


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2 thoughts on “Brian Collins: design genius

  1. Alex

    I just saw the new WE CAN SOLVE IT .ORG commercial (8/29/08) who performed the musical in that commercial?? ITS GREAT! Thanks.

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