Casting call

Img_0234 I’m working with a magazine editor who has been reading my book Transformations: identity construction in a contemporary culture

She wants to write an article on the book, and to write this article she has asked me to find a "post-modern young woman of many identities." 

So, consider this a casting call.  Does anyone know a woman in her twenties who has several identities, a young woman who is several women?   This multiplicity may come from identifying with several literary figures or film stars.  It may come from participating in different kinds of art or many kinds of fashion.  It may come from participating in one kind of art and one kind of sport and one kind of sociality.  We are looking for someone who has taken up residence in our culture in divergent places.   

Your suggestions, please.  The winner gets coverage in a major fashion magazine. 

Image: I took this picture in Shanghai in the early 1990s.  It shows school girls wearing both their red  brigade bandannas and, you’ll have to look closely, a Mickey Mouse badge.  Talk about diverse identities!


6 thoughts on “Casting call

  1. Noemi Soto

    I am a woman of different identities. My identities are part of my life and not a disorder. I entertain my indentities as I change enviroments (people,places, elements etc.).

  2. Amy Alkon

    My editorial assistant is like this. She’s in her 20s, the star of an independent film that won a film festival, winner of a writing contest, and she’s written an amazing piece I’ve helped her edit that she’s pitching to major magazines, and an advice column for teens published in a magazine, and she’s stunningly beautiful, and a lesbian and part of that community as well as a hetero community of friends and the comedy world.

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