Branding now, a brand blog compendium

Brandingnowbookcoverfinal_2 Whew.  It’s done.

Faithful readers of this blog will have noticed a new strategy here on This Blog.  It is, as Leon Jacobs noted, a little like a sit com flash back.

But, no, here’s what I had in mind.  I have published around 1.4 million words on this blog, and that makes any particular set of posts hard to find.  Yes, you can do a key word search.  But you still end up with a long list of posts and no clear idea of their relationship one to the other. 

How, I wondered, could I do a compendium of posts organized for easier access.  Organized in a PDF file, what you get is a single page that gives you a jumping off point for 40 blog posts.  (Be careful to come back to the PDF by way of your "return" button.)

I like the way MindManager organizes things in a tree diagram.  And that’s what I used. 

Here’s is the file I have created.  You may download it here.

Download branding_now_blog_compendium_grant_mccracken.pdf

I am trying to post it to the sidebar of this Typepad site, but I really don’t understand Typepad programming (or even, shame of shame, HTML).  Anyone with suggestions, please let me know and I will keep tinkering. 

Lots of people have lots of content on their blogs.  This is one way to extract and organize this content.  I am sure there are others.  Would love to hear your comments, dear reader, on this and other options.

Thanks to for this and several images for the Branding now, blog compendium. 

4 thoughts on “Branding now, a brand blog compendium

  1. Leon Jacobs

    Looks great. I like the tree structure.

    The question around organising big bits of data is so interesting. I love what’s happening to the Web.

    Information is slowly turning into lego-like chunks. And you know what you can do with lego, right.

    My feeling is in the near future you could tag your posts and then use clever (but still primitive) technology ideas like Yahoo Pipes to wire it together in different formats with just clever filtering.

  2. Jim

    Imagine easier navigation for us, and I thought a book was to be soon upon us – and maybe much of the thinking and structure for one is indeed in place.

    Organizing information, drawing the threads together is indeed work, as a marketer, thank you.

  3. Rick Liebling


    This is a really interesting concept. It’s so new, at least to me, that I’m still struggling with it, but I have a strong suspiscion that it will become increasingly useful. Especially as it becomes more challenging to find the needles in various blog haystacks.

    Thanks for this endeavor, the effort is evident.

  4. peter spear

    This is great, useful and simple. it reminds me, oddly, of some kind of all-star game or the celebrity athletic challenges they used to have on TV. those events where worlds of aspiration collide and interact. very cool.

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