A new blog compendium

There's a new blog compendium here at THIS BLOG.  You can see it's "cover" to the right of this post.  

This compendium collects about 45 posts on being anthropologist for hire.   It's intended for those who might like to make anthropology their vocation and avocation.  

Click on the line that begins "Download…" and you will go to a PDF that will in turn serve as a jumping off point.  You come back to this PDF by hitting the RETURN button on your browser.

Hope you like it.  

Post script plea:

If anyone knows how I can make the cover itself "clickable," please let me know.  

3 thoughts on “A new blog compendium

  1. blaiq

    To make the image linkable (in typepad), create a new typelist of the links kind. In the title place this code after substituting the pic link :

    Enter the destination URL in the URL box.

    Place typelist in appropriate place.

    Hopefully that should help.

  2. Sai

    A great set of links!

    A minor suggestion: Going back and forth from a PDF can be a bit annoying for the more impatient among us 🙂 You can use any flash-based PDF viewer (like scribd http://www.scribd.com/) to embed the document directly like a Youtube video.

    This is how it would look:
    You can paste it here at your blog by grabbing the embed code from the menu on that embed.

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