Outtake from Life episode 210 Much of the work of anthropology is observing how a community creates roles and relationships. Somewhat optimistically, we call this social organization.

One of the challenges of contemporary culture is how many roles and potential relationships there now are.  

Last night on the NBC show called Life, there was a wonderful dinner scene that gives us a glimpse of … us. 

Charlie Crewes (Damian Lewis) [near right in photo]
Ted Earley (Adam Arkin) [far right in photo]
Captain Whitehat (Timilee Romolini) [left in photo]
Rachel (Jessy Schram)  [not pictured]
written by Far Shariat
directed by Adam Arkin

Scene: Dinner time at Charlie Crewes' home.  Captain Whitehat is visiting.  

Charlie: Ted, this is curry?

Ted: You don't like it.  Is it too spicy?

Charlie: Indian food?  (Charlies says while "pointing" discreetly at Captain Whitehat with his gaze)

Ted:That was just a coincidence.  I grabbed the first menu. 

Captain Whitehat: how long have you two been together?

Charlie: since we met in prison

Ted: but we're not…together

awkward pause, Rachel arrives.

Captain Whitehat: this isn't your daughter?

Charlie: No and she's not my niece and there's isn't a boy not playing the guitar at the other end of the phone call.

Rachel: that's exactly right. There's not.

Charlie: Look, Rachel.  I was worried.  

Rachel: No, he [pointing at Ted] was worried.  You were gone.  I came home.  You weren't here.  I called. You didn't pick up.  

Charlie: I was in the middle of no where.

Captain Whitehat: by that he means my home.

Rachel: you come and go.

Rachel slams down spoon.  leaves table.

awkward pause

Ted (suddenly): I am in love with Olivia.  … Charlie, I'm in love with the woman who's going to marry your father.  

Ted leaves table.

Charlie: White people!

Captain Whitehat: pass the vindalo.


Life.  Episode 210: Evil… and his brother Ziggy.  See the entire episode on line here.


To Anoop for identifying Timilee Romolini. 

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